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Acne is a disease which is annoying. but with the increasingly irritated sometimes even make acne worse. I used to suffer from acne too. sometimes was a teenager, stubborn acne attack me. already many drugs and a lot of ways I do to treat my acne, but the results are not very good before I found a way to reduce acne on my face. the acne makes me less confident. for those of you who still suffer from acne, here are the steps that you can possibly do to not exacerbate or even be able to reduce your acne. please read:

1. Do not pop or squeeze your pimples. This will make acne even worse. I used to do it. this actually makes the skin tissue is damaged and difficult to grow back in its original state. so the first step, I am always reminded, do not press or squeeze your pimples.

2. Take control of your emotions. often times the cause of acne is because of your emotional condition is unstable. severe stress and burden of thinking that is too tight to make your hormones rise and cause your acne to grow. I also do not really know the details why this happens. but once I remember that when I was a lot of thoughts, my acne is easy to grow.

3. Find a suitable medication for you. often the drug that is appropriate for us is not suitable for others. This may be associated with skin conditions each person differently.

I think for the meantime I can tell. because I also have to remember again how I separated from my acne first. clearly, you have to remain confident even if you suffer from acne because of stress caused by the acne you actually make your acne worse. You do not need too confused because actually, you could still look beautiful even with acne because the real beauty is sourced within yourself. take it easy, but do not underestimate this acne too. if you think your acne is getting worse, contact your doctor immediately to help you to acne from getting worse.

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