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Acne is out of the face is the most embarrassing. Acne happens to everyone, especially children who are in their teens. Acne can appear on your face in the form of whiteheads, blackheads and clogged skin every time. Sometimes, also grew in the lower back. Cysts and nodules are lumps deeper and harder to remove. Fortunately, there are now many drugs that can be bought without a prescription to cure adult. Confusing is the fact that acne usually occurs more frequently in adolescents, teens are exposed to more acne than those not exposed acne is a fact that can not be answered even by science. Some people, especially teenagers usually try to remove them with a squeeze. This method is not recommended by a dermatologist, because you have open lesions at risk of bacteria. Everyone is susceptible to acne. Whatever your race, ethnicity, and gender of all people can have it. But as I mentioned earlier, is the most common for teenagers to have it, although some men their forties are also likely to have acne. Other facts about them, is that men tend to have more acne pimples than women, but men are more likely to choose the natural way to treat the problem. Better to visit a dermatologist so that proper prescription can be given to cure the problem. Because individuals have different skin types so that the treatment will vary as a treatment well.Natural now considered more effective for treating acne. Such as herbal medicines, many vitamins, and a good diet, these are just a few natural ways to cure the problem. There are many factors why acne occurs, the number one cause is hormonal changes or imbalances. So be careful in choosing food because some of them contain zinc. Zinc combined with other substances that can interfere with treatment and sometimes even neutralize it. So to avoid acne be sure to check your diet on a regular basis so that the hormonal changes combined with zinc will not cause problems in hand.Of course, I am not saying that simple vitamins and foods that are high in minerals can make a breakout to go. Unlike people who have different skin types, so that their problems can also be varied. In fact, some minerals and vitamins can actually do more harm than any good especially fruits that contain zinc. Now there is a mixture of herbs and fruits many are quite effective for treating acne, but can be harmful to several organs. To verify, check and research methods of treatment before you use them.Just remember that acne is part of growing up, no one individual who did not experience this problem. So do not worry, natural treatments can help you. Just make sure to research them carefully before trying them or consult with your doctor. Every individual is different so the treatment can vary as well, a treatment that works for others may not fully work for you.

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